Top 10 Best Features of Google Chrome Browser

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Google chrome is mostly use browser from google products. Because it provided many useful features for users, and simple GUI help people easily access internet and browse faster using google chrome. Today we are posting about important features about google chrome. There is many features of google chrome available, but many people do not use this features for surfing internet using google chrome. We are sharing 10 mostly used features of google chrome for users which is important for using internet. Follow the below points.

Important Features Of Google Chrome

  1. Offline Mode : Offline mode is best feature of google chrome. In this you can save web pages in offline mode. There is many options available for saving type of file in offline mode. You can press Ctrl+P and save as pdf.
  2. Task Manager : We know that task manager is important tool for any program. We can handle any program using task manager. Google chrome have its own task manager which will help you to end task and start new task. To go to task manager press Shift+Esc.
  3. Pin Tab : If you are working on important task and dont want to exit tab you can use pin tab. For this go to tan and click on pin tab. You can also use the tab just clicking on it. It move tab in corner of browser window.
  4. Incognito Mode : This is important feature of google chrome. From this feature you can use this mode. This mode do not save history of the browsing. To launch this mode press Ctrl+Shift+N and start private browsing.
  5. Calculation : Google chrome can also do quick calculation in its address bar. You can enter any value for mathematical operation and it will give you exact answer. You can also use and try various method for calculation using google chrome.
  6. Reopen Tabs Easily : If you close some tabs in hurry, you cannot open that tab again quickly. Google chrome gives the feature to open tabs quickly. if you close important tab you can open by Ctrl+Shift+T. This opens tab in google chrome which is previously close.
  7. Paste And Go : Paste and go feature mainly use for link. If you copy link and you want to go to web page, you paste link in address bar and hit enter button, This feature allows you to just right click and click on paste and go. This automatically start surfing link you have copy.
  8. Sync Chrome With Google Account : Google chrome is product of google. When you install google chrome in your computer you ask to sign in. When you sign in it save your id, password and history. When you uninstall and reinstall it also recovers id, password and history.
  9. Highlight And Search : You can search any text in highlighting text or word. You can this without opening home page for search engine.
  10. Navigate Tab : You cab easily now navigate the tab. If you have open more tabs you can directly navigate by pressing Ctrl+Tab. For quickly go to tab 2 you use Ctrl+2 and so on.

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