Increase Instagram Followers: 10 Effective Methods in 2018

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In this fantastic guide I will show you all the tricks and strategies to increase Instagram followers quickly. All the methods you see will be tested and functional and within a few weeks you will find yourself with thousands of followers  from all over the world.

Why Increase Followers on Instagram? 

There may be so many motivations, some just like to be popular on this social network , others use it to do marketing, others to make money. What not everyone knows though is that in fact Instagram Private reserves a special treatment for the most popular people.

But just waste time and pass on to the hard.

Increase Instagram Followers: 10 Effective Methods

In this list you will find all the most efficient methods to increase your Instagram followers , starting from the most desirable and trivial ones to the lesser known but extremely effective ones. If your intentions are to become really popular on this social,  I recommend you not to neglect even a point.

1. Post original photos and use filters that attract attention

This technique may seem like a discount but it is crucial to be successful on Instagram , remember that the goal is not only to  get some followers but also to keep them interacting with us even afterwards, otherwise our whole job will have been useless and many people will soon stop following us.

2. Connect Instagram to Facebook

Okay, this is the first thing we’re going to do once we’re registered. About 30% of Facebook users have an Instagram account and many of your friends will not even be able to follow you here.

3. Like, comments and follow

Here we begin to reason. By putting as many as you like or better still commenting on the photos that interest us, most likely some of these people will come back with a follow up or I like it. It would seem absurd, but trusted it is so. Even better if you decide directly to follow that person.

4. Write in English

It’s not a nonsense, even this is a technique to increase Instagram followers . If your intentions are to become really popular you will have to turn to an international audience. engagement will increase instagram followers dramatically.

5. Use many popular hashtags 

This is one of the most functional strategies among those “honest”. Include several very popular and relevant hashtags to your photo, will increase your liking the dizzying way. To find out which ones are the most popular hashtags, I suggest you go to  Top Hashtag , or use the Tags For Like app .

6. Post at the right times

Not everyone knows it but posting at certain times increases engagement and not least. Choose the right hours, which usually are after 5 pm (especially Monday) and Sunday. Plus it is statistically demonstrated that posting a photo every 3 hours greatly increases the organic reach of the post .

7. Follow the hashtag #firstpost 

Type the ” firstpost ” hashtag in the search bar and follow as many people as you can. It is statistically proven that newly enrolled people are more inclined to replicate the follow . Additionally, if you also use this hashtag , you will receive many follow from people using the same technique.

8.  Use the Follower Free app

So far we have joked, now you start to do seriously. There are numerous apps on smartphones that allow you to increase your popularity on this social network , but the most famous are Follower Free and 1000 Follower .

These extremely easy-to-use apps allow you to accumulate credits by following people or putting their photos in the picture, and once you have accumulated enough credits, we can buy like you or your follower. A turning point.

This is currently the best technique to increase Instagram followers .

9. Use an App Like CrowdFire

“Okay, but if I start to follow randomly, I’ll find the strained profile of people I’m not interested in! “

This is where an App like CrowdFire comes to our rescue, which allows us to stop following those people who did not recompense the follow up in order to clean up our profile.

Use a bot like Boostgram

Finally I’ll leave you with a bomb: Boostgram . This program is actually a bot that allows us to automate almost all the points seen up to now, that is to follow and stop following, like, comments etc .. will do everything in our place automatically, the only valid alternative to the clock deceased  Instagress .

Unfortunately, this program is for a fee but we are still providing 72 hours of trial. In just three days you’ll soon notice the power of Boostgram .

Anyway you decide to buy it prices are relatively low, it is about 3/4 euros per month.

Extra advice:

Alternatively, a really effective and fast method to increase its popularity on a social network such as Instagram (and not only) is to opt for services such as BCUBE Agency, which, at really competitive prices, offers the option of buying a variable number of “real interaction” depending on your demanding, or start a monthly subscription where they will be themselves involved in sponsoring your profile.

To further enhance the quality and success of your profile, I recommend that you never publish more than 10 photos a day and always add a description under each photo.

Earning with Instagram

If you use  Instagram for marketing purposes and want to be primarily surrounded by people similar to you and your business, you will need to vary the strategy slightly by trying to use only hashtags that represent and filter most of the searches on well-defined hashtags.

There are basically 2 methods to earn through this social:

  1. Advertise your brand and build contacts through the link in description
  2. Sell ​​your own popularity to companies or individuals.

Do not worry, we will deepen this topic in another post.

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