How To Reduce Brightness Than Default Setting In Android Mobile


Android mobile famous and mostly used today by many people. Android mobile give many features in low cost. We can do many things from android mobile easily. In this trick we are sharing how to reduce brightness of android mobile. You can decrease brightness from default setting of android. In this we are sharing important post which will help you to reduce brightness more than it allow. We are sharing best app which will help you to reduce the brightness of your android mobile.

Best Apps To Reduce Android Brightness

  1. Bluelight FilterBluelight filter is best app, from this you can reduce the brightness to minimum limit. Brightness can reduce upto minimum limit like iPhone. This app also give feature of opacity of app for better result. You can also add filter of blue color at night, which is best for your eyes.
  2. RootDimRoot dim is one of best android app for brightness. For using this you have to root android device.  This app can also work without rooted device. In rooted device it give best result.
  3. Screen FilterScreen filter also works same as above apps. This app can lower the brightness to maximum level. From this app, brightness is generated from screen you can easily adjust brightness.
  4. Twilight AppThis is mostly used app for android. The purpose of this app is it is specially design to take care of any android device. You can use this app in very dimmed screen. This is app best for using mobile at night.
  5. Night ModeThe main thing about this app is nothing but to lower the brightness of android mobile. The application is specially design to dimmer the mobile brightness not to hurt your eyes.

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