How To Post Images In Instagram Without Cropping

Android, iOS

Instagram is very famous app in android mobile. From this app we can share photos with our friends. It is like facebook in which our friends can stay connected and see our images from instagram. When we upload photo in instagram it ask for cropping of image. In this post we will show you how to upload image in instagram without cropping the image. For this we will use one app called as Instasquare. This is best app which will help you to share photo wihout crop, it is available for both android and ios. Follow the below steps to upload images in instagram.

Steps To Post Images In Instagram Without Cropping

Step 1:- Click on following link to download and install instasquare app in your device.
Instasquare For Android          Instasquare For iPhone

Step 2:- Now open app in your mobile and go to gallery.

instasquare for google play

Step 3:- You will see all your device images in your screen.

Step 4:- It will create image in square size using its tool. You can use blur option to blur outer parts of image.

Step 5:- Click on outbox button and select instagram button for share.

Step 6:- Now your image will be uploaded in instagram.

Now you can upload full image in your instagram.

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