How To Increase Battery Backup Of Any Android Mobile

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How To Increase Battery Backup Of Any Android Mobile

Android mobile is commonly used by many people today. Android mobile give many good features, but there is battery backup problem of android mobile. Battery backup is not good for any android mobile. This is because many apps running in background get more battery backup. So today we are sharing the post about android battery backup. We are sharing two methods which will give your mobile more battery backup than before. This is very simple steps you can perform the steps on your android mobile. In this method we are going to perform charging trick of android battery. Follow the below steps to make your battery back up capacity more than before.

Methods To Increase Battery Backup Of Any Android Mobile

1. Steps To Increase Battery Backup Without Rooting Mobile :

Step 1:- First of all turn off your android mobile.

Step 2:- Now turn on your android mobile and let it turn off until the battery end till switch off.

Step 3:- Connect charger with your android mobile and let it charge till the screen shows charging 100%. Do not turn on mobile now.

Step 4:- Now after charging is 100% remove charger form mobile.

Step 5:- You can now turn your mobile on. You will see battery is not 100% exactly. Connect charger to mobile and let it charge to 100%.

Step 6:- Now remove charger from your mobile and restart mobile. After restart if it do not show 100% charging, connect your charger till it show 100% on your screen.

Step 7:- You have to repeat same process untill you get 100% charging on your mobile screen on and off.

Step 8:- Now let your mobile battery end and go to 0% to switch off.

Step 9:- Now charge your android mobile without any interruption.

Now you are done. You have reset your android battery.

2. Steps To Increase Battery Backup With Rooting Mobile :

Step 1:- For performing this trick your mobile should be rooted.

Step 2:- After rooting your android mobile you have to download app battery calibration

Step 3:- Connect your mobile to charger and charge your mobile to 100%.

Step 4:- Now when your battery is fully charged do not unplug. Now open your battery calibration app.Step 5:- Grant access to app as super user access from your mobile.

Step 6:- From the app press the battery calibration button.

Step 7:- Unplug your mobile now charger.

Step 8:- Now let the battery drain to 0% completely.

Now you are done. You mobile battery will perform more than previous.

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