How To Embed Your Facebook Post On Your Blog

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How To Embed Your Facebook Post On Your Blog

Facebook is one of the big social networking site. There are many people from all over world are using facebook. Facebook today is medium to stay connected with your friends, family members from anywhere. In this we are sharing now how to share facebook post or video of page directly on your website or blog. This is very awesome trick which will help many people to drive traffic to your blog site. From this you can also stay connected with visitors of your site. You can also create page of your blog and get traffic on your blog site. Follow the below steps to embed facebook post on your blog.

Steps To Embed Your Facebook Post On Your Blog

Step 1:- Log in with your facebook account and go to page to perform this trick.

Step 2:- Share your post on your facebook wall and hover at top right corner arrow of the post and choose “embed post”.

Step 3:- Now copy the link of your facebook post and paste in the post of your blog.

Step 4:- Now you will see the embedded facebook post on your blog.

Steps To Embed Your Facebook Video On Your Blog

Step 1:- Method is same as above. Click on your shared facebook video. At the bottom of video click on options.

Step 2:- You will see one option of embed video. Click on embed video.

Step 3:- Pop up will show you the link of the video. Copy the link of the video and paste in your blog post.Now you can embed and share any post from facebook on your blog website.

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