How To Create Secured Password For Any Account


How To Create Secured Password For Any Account

Internet is use by many people today. There are many account user create on internet. For creating account we use username and password for accessing account. There is also chances about hacking the account on internet. Many people hack account or they can also access account because of many reason. In this we are sharing how to set password for account. Password is very important for account. Many people use simple password, there is chance that this password can be easily seen by other people near you. Follow the below tips to set password for account.

Tips To Use Secured Password For Account

  1. Shift + Numeric Number For Password :

    Alphabetic password or simple password is not safe for account. You must use some special character in password. You can use numeric number. You can use shift and numeric number for password. You can also use special number series and set password using shift key. If you want to set password as 567123 you can use shift key and press the numbers as %^&!@#. This will be you password.

  2. Movie Dialogue Trick For Password :

    This is interesting tip about movie dialogue. You can use any movie dialogue or any line or quote you can remember easily, and set the first letters of every word as password. If you know the line “If I were the same man I’d take a flamethrower!”, you can use first alphabet of every word as iiwtsmitaf!.

  3. Space In Your Password :

    Use of space in your password also make password more secure. No one can get the password easily. You can also use the special character for password. If you want to set password as  Computer123 you can use space and shift with number as Computer!@#.

  4. Keyboard Pattern :

    Using keyboard pattern for password is best way for setting password. You can use this trick for secured password. In this you can also use the uppercase and lowercase for this password.

  5. How To Set Password Online :

    Click Here to check site for more password information. You can check about your password and see its security. You can also scan password online.

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