How To Avoid Keyloggers In Your Computer


We know that computer fraud is in many places. Hacker use technique for hacking in account. Keylogger is famous software of hacking. This software saves log file of user. This software stores key stokes ie keys we click on keyboard is directly saved by this software on computer use. This software is installed on computer but we dont know. In this post we are performing one trick which will help you to send wrong key strokes on log of keylogger. Because of this hacker will try to enter keys but he will not success. Follow the below simple steps to encrypt keylogger.

Steps To Encrypt Keyboard In Your Computer

  1. Step 1:- For performing this trick you have to use software KeyScrambler.
  2. Step 2:- When you finish download this software, install this software and restart your computer.
  3. Step 3:- When your computer is started you can go to bottom system tray and right click on icon.
  4. Step 4:- Go to option and you will see keyscrambler screen.
  5. Step 5:- You can make setting according to your choice. You can enable or disable setting according to you wish. When you are done, click OK.You are done. Now you can use computer safely. Your key log will not save from this software.

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