How To Access Android Mobile From Another Mobile


Android is famous smartphone operating system used by many people with mobile. It is famous because the mobile are cheap in cost and easily available and people is also buying more for android. We can perform many things with android mobile. In this we are sharing post related to android remote access. There is some app in android which is useful for android mobile can be used remotely from other mobile. Now with the help of this app you can access other mobile from your mobile. Following are the apps for remotely access android mobile.

Best Apps For Android To Remotely Access Another Android Mobile

  1. Team Viewer :We all know that team viewer is best software for accessing other pc. It is same in working with android apps. This app can also access other android mobile remotely. In this app user interface is very easy to use. For accessing other android mobile you require user id and password.
  2. is another awesome app for android mobile which is helpful for accessing remotely other android mobile. You can also solve problems of other android mobile from this app. You can also discuss in group from this app.
  3. RemoDroid : This is very best app. From this you can control any android mobile form mac pc, android or pc. This app is design fgr remote control for devices and also work in smartphone and tablets.
  4. ScreenShare :ScreenShare is best app. This allow you to share videos, images and documents from your smartphone to tablet. Best for working in tablets and it is free of charge. You can try this app in case you have tablet with you.
  5. Android VNC Viewer :It access android with the help of its VNC server. It provides many feature with this app like save connection, import and export settings, zoom controls, connect to any server on VNC server.

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