4 Techniques To Charge Android Mobile Faster

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Android mobile is mainly used by many people today. Android is best smartphone operating system. It give many feature in mobile. Google play store is app website, you can use any app for your mobile. Apps give many features of android for users. In this post we are sharing main tips about charging your android mobile faster. We are sharing how to charge your android mobile faster. We charge our mobile, sometime we have to remember some points which will help charging mobile faster. Follow the below points to charge mobile faster.

Important Techniques To Charge Your Mobile Faster

  1. Use Airplane Mode While Charging : When we switch airplane mode, mobile network is stop. Mobile network when stop this help android mobile battery consumption. When battery consumption is stop your mobile charge faster. If you try this trick your charging speed is increase upto 40% faster. This is best trick for charging mobile faster.
  2. Charging Android Mobile In Switch Off Mode : For charging your mobile instantly you can switch off your android mobile while charging. When we switch off mobile, battery consumption is zero. This increase charging speed. This is best technique to charge mobile quickly. This increase speed more than ON mode of mobile.
  3. Turn Off WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile Data : It is better to charge your mobile without mobile data, bluetooth, gps, wifi. This is because you should keep this setting off in your anddroid mobile. This consume more battery and may decrease your battery charging speed.
  4. Use Original Data Cable And Charger On Mobile : Always use those products which are specially design for your android mobile. These product are design by company is more compatible as compare to other product in android mobile.

You can follow above important points to charge your mobile faster.

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